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Careers with spira4u.com

WHY Spira?

Spira was created to reduce the 50 million injured and 1.2 million killed annually by vehicles. It’s innovative light foam and core board technology also reduces the resources to build and the fuel to power vehicles by a factor of 5 to 10. Production has begun. so it is time to reserve your Spira4U now if you want to drive something SOFT SAFE SEXY.

• EPA certified @ 90mpg gaoline test mileage
• 420 pounds (190 kg) Net Weight with recyclable light foam, fiberglass, and plastics
• Three wheel vehicle with a 150 cc automatic engine for 53 mph (85kph)
• Patented honey comb composite chassis
• Foot brake to 3 disc brakes and foot gas pedal
• 57” wide x 49” tall x 107” long (1450 x 1250 x 2700mm)
• Millions of small air bags in foam offer crash protection for both passengers and pedestrians
• 33" wide for 1 large or 2 thin persons

GAS - 440 pound with 150cc engine
• 2-1/2 gallon tank for 200 mile range
• 53 mph top speed 80 mpg
• Foot brake to 3 disc brakes
• $6,000 plus shipping
ELECTRIC - one or two 10 kw 72V motors
• 140 mile range with 144 amp hour batteries
• 70 mph top speed 300 mpgE
• 520 pounds
• from $10,000 plus shipping
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